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Revolutionary Scalar Technology for Your Whole Body — Scalar Wellness Pads​


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The Scalar Wellness Pad is a revolutionary new approach to wellness pads that uses a patented scalar approach that is similar to our other scalar wave technology, though it is non-medical. The scalar pad is used in conjunction with the Scalar Lotus Laser. The wellness pad uses layers of bamboo, ormus and scalar circuits that induce subtle scalar energy along the spine and to open the Quantumfield.

If you have tried our other Scalarwave family of products - the Scalarwave Lasers or QiFi — it is like that but designed for the whole body and Quantumfield.


The large scalar pad can be used on a massage table or on the ground or any flat surface. The smaller, portable travel pad is great to use on specific areas and can also be used on children or on pets.


Both versions use the same scalar technology, and both are made with non-toxic, natural, and beautiful woven fabric.


It is designed to help unwind stress and tension and to help induce Stillpoint and the flow or energy as a wellness or subtle yogic tool to help assist one's journey on the planet as we enter the new season.



We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about Stillpoint Yogic Technologies and the Scalarwave Laser Family of Products.

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Amazing! It felt a bit like I entered a new universe! I turned it on and within 2 minutes, I felt stuck energy UNWIND all along my spine. Within moments, my wife experienced a shift. She had some strong abdominal pain and within 20 minutes it was totally relieved! Amazing!



Throughout my adult life, I have worked with various aspects of health and well-being, including nutritional therapy, hands-on healing, and the use of therapeutic equipment. In my 40 plus years of working with clients, as well as myself, I have never seen anything that works as quickly or as effectively in terms of bringing the whole person into a state of relaxation and ease. The combination of the Scalar Wellness Pad with the Ormus Sprays is simply above and beyond anything that I have ever experienced. Thank you, Paul and Lillie, for bringing these exquisite products to us!

--Wellness Practitioner

I was in a vibrational state of total peace. I had the deepest, most restful sleep, that night. Thank you, Paul and Lillie, for your amazing Scalar Pads. The moment that I received it, I was on it. I absolutely love the full body experience, and it is literally a full body experience! Wow!


I could feel my body unwinding and dissolving in Stillpoint. Even my 15-year-old cat is loving it as he is purring away! Blissed out!

-- CV, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Within 2 minutes of lying on the Scalar Wellness Pad, I felt myself going into Stillpoint. It was exciting to feel this experience so quickly. The pad helped to relieve my fatigue and left me with more energy. My cat and dog also came over to the pad as soon as I connected it. The day after my first use of the pad, I experienced a detox. I am so impressed!


As soon as I lied down on the Scalar Wellness Pad, I could feel my breath expand as I naturally went into a relaxed and deeper breath. After a 20 minute session I feel so refreshed that I could compare it to the feeling of being out in nature or waking up first thing in the morning after a great sleep.


Image by Szabo Viktor

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