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Discovering Stillpoint and the Mystic Sojourn

Q: What is the Mystic Sojourn?


A: The mystic sojourn is an inner journey. A journey of empowerment, where we consciously choose, moment by moment, where our attention goes. Where we are attuned to what is most real and true. It's where freedom is.


Q: Who attends our Mystic Sojourn and Stillpoint events? And who uses our Sacred Scalar Lasers?


A: Take a look here in our gallery. You will see chiropractors, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, health coaches, and other integrative health practitioners.


You'll also see laypeople of all kinds who are interested in self-healing, longevity, abundance, manifestation, community, and more.


All combined, it's a gathering of inspiring people from around the world.

Take another deep breath in ... and rest, right here.  You have arrived at a place to fully unwind...

Welcome. Thank you for being here! We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and discover the sacred scalar technologies that can profoundly transform not only your experience of health and healing, but also your experience of living at this auspicious moment on our planet - at the dawning of a new season.
We look forward to sharing with you the events, tools, and refreshing new perception that can help you to deeply unwind at the cellular level  ... to relax into your natural essence state of well-being and joy.
-Paul & Lillie Weisbart


Stillpoint Yogic Technology

Tune Your Life to the Subtle Planes of the Universe and Beyond


Stay tuned for upcoming details on Paul and Lillie Weisbart's new book, providing a clear "on ramp" for understanding and using Stillpoint technologies.


This concise and inspiring book offers refreshing new perceptions, practices, and tools for healing and transformation.


Its purpose is to support the full flowering of consciousness that is taking place in the world today - and that is being expressed uniquely through YOU.

Forthcoming Book

Stillpoint Yogic Technology


Tune Your Life to the Subtle Planes of the Universe and Beyond

Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

... Welcome to the Stillpoint

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