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Discovering the Mystic Sojourn

The mystic sojourn is the authentic progression and journey of healing, awakening,
and flowering that is uniquely expressed through each one of us.
Profoundly free

The mystic sojourn doesn’t refer to points on a map, simply chronicling our travels from Point A to Point B (no matter how amazing those places are). It refers to a capability and a capacity to travel freely in consciousness.

In the ancient spiritual traditions, the mystic is seen as the meditator who withdraws their attention from the body and dissolves into subtle states of consciousness.


In the new season, the mystic is one who travels through consciousness as he or she wishes, arriving from different states of consciousness into this experience or vice versa.

Fully expressed

Rather than a subject/object orientation to life, the mystic sojourn reorients us to our quintessential essence. In any state or condition—whether embodied or expanded into the vastness—our essence is always in perfect integrity. It cannot be distracted from its essential nature.


The mystic sojourn is one where we come to recognize this innate coherence of being. It’s an inner journey that invites the full expression of each person’s exquisitely unique essence of being. 

Fully empowered

The essence of the mystic sojourn is recognizing who we are and where we come from. It’s a process of becoming fully empowered to navigate our life experience with increasing ease and neutrality. One of the ways to do this is by consciously engaging the progression of positive, negative, and neutrality—actually inducing the progression. This is the practice of Stillpoint. With Stillpoint, we become adept at:


  • reversing and dissolving outward manifestations of contraction

  • returning to the neutral state

  • and experiencing new levels of energy and well-being

Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

... Welcome to the Stillpoint

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