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Take a deep breath in ... and relax
  Rest, right here, in the space between your in-breath and your out-breath
    Unwind in the indescribable sweetness of this place...
What is Stillpoint?

In the ancient yogic tradition, the “space between breaths” is where the alchemy of transformation takes place. It is also the space—and the experience—that we have come to call Stillpoint.


Resting in the space between our last thought and our next one, between our last action and our next one, between our past and our future, an auspicious opening occurs. Within this opening, more energy begins to flow, nourishing the physical body and activating the subtle body.


Thoughts and emotions soften and disperse, inviting our natural condition of relaxation, ease, and harmony. The heart opens, increasing our ability to experience peace, passion, happiness, and joy.


There is a shift that takes place - a reversal of attention and energy from an outward orientation to an inward orientation, sending it inward to heal and refresh.

A Stillpoint retreat in Los Cabos, Mexico

Bathe in the Neutral Energy of the Universe

Key to health and well-being is having the nervous system relaxed and at ease so that it can function unimpeded. With a few good tools and some dedicated practice, each of us can learn to unwind polarity and relax into the neutral energy of the universe—the neutral essence that holds all things, permeates all things, and weaves all things into being, from galaxies and stars to planets and people.


Everything offered here on the Mystic Sojourn site – every teleseminar, retreat or workshop, Sacred Scalar lasers, and our forthcoming books and digital products – is designed to dissolve and unwind any contraction (which can show up as discomfort, pain, or any manner of limitation) and reverse the wave currents back into the ocean of consciousness.

Areas of Application for Stillpoint Technologies


Healing the body


Cleansing and purification


Unwinding cellular memory


Anti-aging and longevity


Flowering the glands


Inducing the subtle yogic state


Balancing emotions


Making day-to-day choices


Making big decisions


Manifesting more abundance


Navigating life transitions


Cultivating greater intimacy with oneself and others


Experiencing a deeper connection with life


Activating one's destiny


Stillpoint is a multi-faceted technology. It is both a tool and a practice for accessing the neutral state. As we explore in our teleseminars and retreats, it is both a tuning system for health and well-being and a portal in a fuller experience of life.


As a tuning system, Stillpoint gives you the ability to tune your own unique rhythm and flow. Like a tuning dial, you can tune yourself from a state of polarity to neutrality. The easiest way to connect with the field of neutrality is through modulating your own subtle wave physics with your breath.


Resting in the space between the breath, you become adept at reversing or dissolving outward manifestations of contraction, returning to the neutral state, and experiencing new levels of energy, well-being, and aliveness.




Take a breath in ... relax ... let go ... unwind



Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

... Welcome to the Stillpoint

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