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Experience Stillpoint

and the only laser developed by craniosacral practitioner and yogic technology inventor Paul Weisbart

Live Scalarwave Laser Introduction and Seminar


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We would like to offer you an opportunity to learn more bout Stillpoint, the core technology of all of our products. Paul Weisbart, inventor of the Scalarwave Laser and the Scalarwave Laser Family of Products, will introduce you to the benefits of Stillpoint and how you can begin the practice of Stillpoint in your life right now.


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Call for special introductory promotion and free QiFi home stillpoint inducer


Stillpoint Laser

The only cold laser designed to induce Stillpoint


Paul Weisbart, inventor of the Scalarwave Laser and its associated family of products, learned Stillpoint from a yogi in India.

"There are only two things in the Universe," the yogi said, "there's karma and then there's love."

"I interpret that a little differently," Paul says. "I say that there's polarity and then there's neutrality."



The Scalarwave Laser's revolutionary technology is its PROPRIETARY DIGITAL PROCESSOR which modulates aspects of the laser light in multiple programs to bring you in into the neutral state of Stillpoint.

No other laser on the market was DESIGNED BY A CRANIOSACRAL THERAPIST specifically to INDUCE STILLPOINT RESPONSE and bring the Quantumfield into neutrality.

"My other laser cost me $50,000, so of course when I heard of the Scalarwave Laser, I didn't want it to work."

Image by Szabo Viktor

You will love all of the free trainings, user reviews and helpful information available to our Stillpoint Yogic Technology Network when you subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Chaka Khan

R&B Legend Chaka Khan loves her laser!

"I wasn't taking good care of my vocal chords.

Thank you, Paul and Lillie. This laser is my friend."

- Chaka Khan

"I'm a marine and I injured my ankle in a combat exercise. I used the laser and the pain has yet to come back."

- Actual Customer uses the Scalarwave Laser for pain relief

"After just 5 treatments, my client woke up one day with no desire for caffeine."

- Practitioner uses the Scalarwave Laser to relieve stress and tension

"Stillpoint was a bubble that I could expand or collapse. It was my friend."

- Seminar attendees share the experience of Stillpoint Process

"If we can stay in this space, THE REAL is there. That is the journey that takes us beyond this body."


Three powerful wavelengths for deeper light therapy work.

Wavelengths and probes

Only the SCALARWAVE LASER FAMILY OF PRODUCTS incorporates into one therapeutic low level light therapy system



The laser itself contains 8 RED LASER DIODES, 8 INFRARED LASER DIODES and VIOLET LEDs.

For deep-seated tissue work that requires more power, we also offer three 100mw LASER PROBES that are Class IV laser attachments to the Scalarwave Laser.


The Probes draw power from the portable laser's battery and utilize the proprietary digital processor built into the laser. 

Red (650nm) lasers are best suited to surface work: skin, muscle, etc.

Infrared (780nm) lasers are better suited for deeper tissue work: bone, nerves, meridians.

Violet (405nm) lasers are better suited to transformational work: emotions, energy blockages, etc.


($1100 value!)


Call for special introductory promotion and free QiFi home stillpoint inducer


World-renowned Vinyasa Yoga teacher Shiva Rea uses the Scalarwave Laser on medial meniscus tear.

Shiva Rea

"It was significantly painful. There was such a change with the Scalarwave Laser.

"We are light beings. We nourish ourselves with light."

- Shiva Rea

"My physical therapist said that there is always ropey scar tissue behind the incision and you have none. It's gotta be the laser!"

- Actual Customer uses the Scalarwave Laser to recover from surgery

"Met with Paul and did one session and that night I slept ten hours. I couldn't believe it!"

- Insomniac uses the Scalarwave Laser to relieve stress and rest

"I worked with my laser and six days later, I can move my arm in any direction."

- Customer uses the Scalarwave Laser to recover a frozen shoulder.

Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

... Welcome to the Stillpoint

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