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Aloha and welcome!

Discover the essential yogic state...How to drop into it  and use it to dissolve challenges, for manifestation and abundance and to welcome the new season with ease.

We invite you to discover the essential yogic state of Stillpoint, how to drop into it, how to use to dissolve pain injuries and challenges,  to open the Quantumfield or energy around the body, for easy manifestation and abundance, to activate the sacred scalar energy along the spine, and induce the glands ambrosia nectar and to express one's essence in the New Season.

Take a nice breath in and stop at the top, rest here. It is like holding the breath, yet let the breath keep going like it does when you rest. Yet you stay here in the space between the breath here. This is Stillpoint.

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This intro training covers: 


  • the quintessential subtle yogic state of stillpoint

  • what is it and how to drop into it

  • the amazing rejuvenative benefits

  • and how to use it in the New Season

  • how to clear challenges, pain, 

Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

... Welcome to the Stillpoint

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